Man holds funeral for his Porsche

September 25, 2013 | By | In News

A Porsche Cayenne owner in China has held a funeral for his stricken car after the garage that had recently carried out shoddy work on his motor refused to accept the blame.

Hao Gang was driving with his wife in Changsha, Chine, when the brakes on his SUV failed, forcing him to rear-end shunt the car in front and cause untold damage to his beloved Porsche’s bonnet.

A local garage had recently carried out extensive work to the vehicle’s brakes, which Hao Gang and traffic experts who examined the wreckage claim wasn’t carried out properly.

“The traffic experts said that the brakes had failed as the car’s engine had not been properly put in place,” he said after the incident.

Hao Gang took his argument to the garage in an attempt to receive compensation and replace his beloved Porsche, but it refused.

As an act of defiance, Hao Gang held a public funeral outside the garage and refused to move the car as a warning to others. “It is the car’s final resting place,” he said. “It would be disrespectful to remove it.”

The funeral saw the black Cayenne draped in traditional Chinese scripture and covered in candles and incense that were burnt as a show of respect. A man in Taoist uniform was also on hand to recite traditional readings to a growing crowd.

Throughout the day, posters and hoardings were erected to warn passers-by of the garage’s workmanship and their subsequent refusal to accept any responsibility.

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