A Ferrari 458 owner returned to his glistening Italian exotic yesterday to find an enormous DAF truck had reversed into it, gouging a large chunk out of the expensive bodywork.

The unnamed owner – who later arrived at the scene dressed in a smart blue suit – had parked his £170,000 Ferrari 458 Italia on the affluent Kensington Square in west London while he went about his business.

Photographer Robert Kearney was on hand to snap the aftermath that saw the bright red Fezza peeled open like a sardine tin in front of a shocked crowd of onlookers.

The Ferrari 458 Italia costs £178,526 new before options.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told The Daily Mail: “Police were called at approximately 2pm to Kensington Square to a collision between a lorry and a parked vehicle. The parked vehicle is a red Ferrari and the lorry was a white DAF truck.”

The truck driver – who was hauling for Bristol-based I.J.McGill Transport – was reported to have been slightly shaken by the incident but otherwise unharmed.

The same cannot be said for the 458 owner, who is likely having a nervous breakdown about the impending insurance claim on the 4.5-litre, V8 sports car.

Apart from costing £178,526 new, the bodywork is mainly fashioned from expensive aluminium, and where aluminium isn’t good enough, even more expensive carbon fibre (which can only be replaced, not repaired) is used.

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Picture: Robert Kearney/i-Images

Leon Poultney


March 11, 2014

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