London’s top ten car crime hotspots revealed

August 20, 2013 | By | In News

A survey released today has revealed the top ten worst postcode areas in London for car crime.

Central London postcodes fared worst, filling four of the five top slots, and it was EC2, which includes parts of the City of London, Hackney and Islington, that topped the table with a total of 1,228 offences for every 10,000 vehicles.

East and West London postcodes each had an equal number of entries in the top ten, with two each – W1 in fourth, E9 in sixth, E8 in seventh and W6 in eighth.

The chart was rounded out by SE8 and N15, in ninth and tenth places respectively.

Notable by their absence in the top ten, however, were any South West London postcode areas.

The survey, based on Freedom of Information requests and online statistics, was carried out by consumer motoring website HonestJohn. Editor Daniel Harrison said: “ The worst areas for car crime are, predictably, city centres where there are pubs, bars and restaurants.

“As with many cities, vehicles left in on-street parking zones tend to be more vulnerable to being broken into and suffering criminal damage.”

Greater London proved to be a safer place to leave your car in the capital, with parts of Uxbridge, Bromley, Kingston and Twickenham boasting low car crime rates.

London as a whole, however, proved not to be the worst city for car crime in the country, coming third in that table behind Manchester and Bradford.

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