Local authority fits French parking machine

June 18, 2013 | By | In News

Bradford city council has been left red-faced after fitting a car park ticket machine that was only calibrated to accept Euros.

Motorists parking at the Ian Clough car park in Baildon, returned to their cars to find they had been ticketed, after the foreign machine would not accept their coins.

The ticket machine, which was installed three months ago, was eventually decorated with an ‘out of order’ sticker while engineers struggled to work out why it wouldn’t accept the coins.

It wasn’t until a motorist spotted that the machine was French did the problem eventually come to light. The ticket dispenser has since been fixed to accept British coins.

Bradford Councillor Debbie Davies was one of the motorists caught out by the errant machine, and told the Metro: “The pound coin simply would not fit in the slot,” she said.

“There wasn’t anything blocking it, it didn’t go in and then fell out. The machine just couldn’t take the pound.

“After some 12 weeks of standing there doing nothing, the “out of order” signs have been removed and for the first time it’s operational.”

Michaela Hall, assistant parking services co-ordinator for Bradford Council, said: “The parking machines are configured for UK coins and our technician activated the new ticket machine.”

                Picture from Fotolia

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