Last year was a record for electric and plug-in car registrations

Figures revealed last week show that 2017 was the best year ever for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle registrations.

The demand for 100 per cent electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids saw an increase of 27 per cent more cars being registered compared with 2016.

Over 46,000 electrified vehicles were registered on British roads last year, meaning that there are now over 130,000 ultra low emission vehicles on British roads. Electric car consumer website Go Ultra Low has also said that it expects 60,000 more electric cars to be on British roads by the end of 2018.

Figures also showed the top performing regions for the uptake of such cars. London, Eastern England, the West Midlands, the South and Yorkshire are now the regions with the most electric cars. However, it was the South West that saw the biggest boost in uptake, up 140 per cent compared with 2016.

The Sunderland-built Nissan Leaf remained the top-selling electric car in 2017, with 13,000 being shifted by the Japanese manufacturer. Greater choice in the plug-in hybrid sector is thought to have helped registrations, with the Hyundai Ioniq, BMW 330e and Volkswagen Golf GTE all selling well in 2017.

Poppy Welch, founder of Go Ultra Low, said: “2017 was a stellar year for electric vehicle registrations with strong growth demonstrating the massive consumer appetite for fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars.”

Ted Welford


January 8, 2018

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