There’s nothing unusual about car companies spending many months attempting to destroy their new prototypes by driving across some of the toughest terrain on the planet.

What is new, however, is that Jaguar has used sister company Land Rover’s off-road expertise to make sure that the upcoming F-Pace 4×4 will survive just as well off-road as on the road when customers take delivery of their cars – subjecting it to an even tougher barrage of tests than normal.

The latest Jag has been put to the test in temperatures from -40 degrees in the wilds of northern Sweden to +50 degrees in the deserts of Dubai to ensure that the cars buyers across the world will receive will be able to cope with anything owners can throw at them.


The F-Pace has been put to the test around 60km of gruelling purpose-built test tracks.

Demonstrating the changed priorities with this new SUV model, this is also the first Jaguar to find itself tested on gravelled mountain passes, which should give it a helpful dose of all-terrain ability. Other cold weather tests include negotiating 60km of purpose-built handling tracks along with steep mountain climbs, ‘split-friction’ straights and off-road sections to ensure the all-wheel drive system is correctly calibrated for on and off-road driving.

Hot weather testing has seen the F-Pace subjected to temperatures of 50 degrees, meanwhile, with the interior temperatures soaring to 70 degrees – perfect for checking out the effectiveness of the air conditioning system and ensuring that kit such as the touchscreen media system can cope with the heat and dust.

Picture: Jaguar

Chris Lloyd


July 29, 2015

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