Insuring driverless cars could come at a cost

Motorists who are interested in purchasing driverless cars are being warned they could face high insurance premiums.

The government is currently drawing up plans for specialist policies that cover crashes caused by a vehicle’s on-board computer.

Driverless car owners will be required to take out a premium that covers both driver error and vehicle malfunctions – allowing any accident victims to easily access compensation without having to submit multiple insurance claims.

The legislation – which is in its infancy – would also force insurers to pay out on a claim even if a car had been hacked.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: “There’s already a lot of debate about who is liable for accidents in driverless cars: is it the driver, the vehicle manufacturer or the authority maintaining the road layout?

“It now appears that the onus is going to be on the driver to get insurance that covers all outcomes and, in the short-term at least, that’s going to mean big premiums. There will be a tipping point when more cars become fully driverless, but in the short-term this is likely to be very expensive.”

James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at

February 20, 2017

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