Huge regional disparity in servicing costs

April 7, 2014 | By | In News

Car servicing costs can vary greatly depending on region, according to new research by What Car? magazine.

The South-East of England is the most expensive place to get your car serviced, with an average cost of £244. London follows closely behind at £242, with prices getting cheaper the further North the dealership. Drivers in Scotland and Wales enjoyed the cheapest rates, at an average of £210 and £217 respectively.

Drivers could save themselves a significant amount of cash if they are prepared to travel to another county to get their car serviced, rather than just rely on their local dealership.

The average price gap between the cheapest and most expensive services is £126.

What Car? estimates that motorists could collectively save around £285million annually by seeking out the cheapest maintenance quotes.

Its research analysed servicing costs for ten of the UK’s most popular new cars, across eight regions, and uncovered an average £126 price gap between the cheapest and most expensive routine services.

In some cases, the saving could be enough to cover the cost of a night’s stay in a four-star hotel or a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

“The cost of running a car is often a strain on already-stretched household bills,” says Emma Butcher, consumer editor of What Car? to the London Evening Standard.

“That’s particularly the case with servicing, because it is one of those items that could be sacrificed to save pennies.

“It pays in peace of mind to have your car serviced yearly, and it needn’t be such a bitter financial pill to swallow if you put in a little time.

“Just remember that nearest can also be dearest — just because your local dealer is more convenient doesn’t mean it will be most cost-effective.”

The disparity not only affects costs for identical cars, but also those from different brands, which share near identical underpinnings.

If your car wears a premium badge then it could be costing you more to service. The research conducted by What Car? also showed that cars such as the Audi A3 costs around 62 per cent more to service than the budget-oriented Skoda Octavia, despite sharing many components, including engines.

Below are the servicing costs for the ten popular models analysed by What Car?

Model Average Price Highest Lowest Difference
Range Rover £444 £587 £367 £220
Nissan Juke £199 £309 £149 £160
Vauxhall Zafira £184 £289 £138 £151
Peugeot 3008 £199 £257 £125 £132
BMW X3 £254 £325 £198 £127
Audi A1 £250 £306 £183 £123
Volkswagen Golf £174 £245 £139 £106
Ford Fiesta £170 £219 £121 £98
Mercedes C-Class £260 £297 £216 £81
Toyota Yaris £136 £165 £109  
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