Government supports garages to install electric car charging points

The Government is planning to incentivise the UK’s petrol station to install electric car charging points as it aims to reduce emissions.

Ministers want to make charging points more accessible in order to encourage drivers to switch from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric cars.

Any new measures would also see charging points being staffed as many of the current points often require maintenance.

Operators of motorway service stations will be expected to introduce more ‘rapid’ chargers, so drivers do not have to worry about taking an electric car on a long journey.

As reported by the Financial Times, Shell will install charging points on its European forecourts later this year – with its British and Dutch garages the main benefactors.
John Leech, UK head of automotive for the KPMG consultancy, believes many battery charging points as traditional filling stations in Britain around 2020.

“We will start to see mass market adoption of electric vehicles early next decade, but it will take until about 2030 for them to form a majority of cars on the road,” he said.

James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at

February 13, 2017

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