Headlights might seem like one of the most mundane parts of a car, but Ford has been beavering away to develop lights that can highlight people and animals in the dark. These lights, which can direct their beams to make drivers aware of approaching hazards, can also widen their beam at tricky junctions to give motorists a better view of the road around them.

The catchily-titled “Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System” monitors road signs that the car has passed with front-facing cameras and uses GPS sat nav-style tech to remember routes previously taken by the car to light the way home most effectively.

A spot lighting system uses an infrared camera to spot pedestrians, cyclists and animals ahead, highlighting these potential hazards for the driver, detecting up to eight hazards at a time and warning the driver of the two highest priority obstacles thanks to specially designed lights, which swivel to light the hazards, making them easier to see.

Watch the system in action in the video above.

Video: Ford Europe

Chris Lloyd


July 20, 2015

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