Ford Focus tops global car sales

April 10, 2013 | By | In News

The Ford Focus has become the best selling car in the world, according to figures released by US research firm R.L. Polk.

Ford sold 1.02 million examples globally in 2012, comprehensively outselling its nearest rival, the perennially popular Toyota Corolla, which managed 872,000 sales.

The global appeal of the Focus is largely down to the manufacturer's 'One Ford' policy, in which a single model is designed to appeal to customers in markets across the globe.

The Ford Fiesta, a similarly global car, took sixth place in the world sales rankings, outselling the Volkswagen Golf. The German hatchback may claw its way back up the rankings soon, however, with the new model due to go on sale in the US imminently.

However, Ford's product strategy doesn't account for the success of the F-Series pickup truck, which sold 785,000 units, making it the third most popular model line in the world, despite only really appealing to the North American market.

There has been some contention over the figures, with Toyota claiming it sold more Corollas in 2012 than Ford did Focuses. But, as Toyota markets the Corolla with different names (such as Auris), in some markets, the honours for best selling single model went to the US automotive giant.

Expect to see Chinese brands dominate the sales rankings in coming years. Already the Wuling Zhinguang is the fourth best selling car in the world, despite being unheard of outside of its domestic market.

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