Footballer banned after accruing 39 points

April 18, 2013 | By | In News

Swansea City midfielder Kemy Agustien has been banned from driving for 12 months after clocking up an astonishing 39 points.

Agustien amassed the pile of points after being charged with five counts of failing to identify a driver and one of speeding, which were all proved in his absence last month.

The Swansea star already had six points on his licence from previous motoring convictions but was handed a further 33 by Neath magistrates for the latest violations.

Twelve points is all a driver needs to have their licence revoked but it seems many of this county’s footballers have failed to recognise this fact, as Kemy is the fourth Premier League star to be banned over the past few weeks.

Magistrates previously heard Agustien broke a 30mph speed limit in Swansea on 17 September last year, securing his first three points.

He also failed to identify a driver on five occasions in 2012 – on 29 October, 19 November, twice on 26 November and again three days later.

Agustien was fined £3,135 and ordered to pay £510 costs on top of the ban.

The Swansea star joins a long line of Premier League superstars who are now enjoying a chauffeur-driven car to training that includes: Samir Nasri, Carlos Tevez and Micah Richards who were all banned in recent weeks for a variety of motoring offences.

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