Flying cars finally a reality

August 22, 2013 | By | In News, Video

It has long been the dream of sci-fi fantasists and car fans alike, but now the flying car is finally a reality as a working model has taken to the skies for the first time.

Built by US-based firm Chas and christened the Terrafugia Transition, this part saloon, part private jet has taken part in two brief flights at a major American air show, and has proven that personal road and air transport is soon to become a part of our lives.

The two-seater has four wheels and foldaway wings so it can fit on the road. It also has enough room to carry luggage for a weekend away and even runs on unleaded petrol.

However, owners will need a pilot’s licence if they intend to take to the skies, which requires taking a written examination as well as spending at least 20 hours in the air under tuition.

The Transition is some way from its market debut, which is expected in 2015. It won’t be cheap, either, with a projected price of around £190,000.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team behind this amazing creation has also teased details of a second model, called the TF-X, which will be able to fit inside a garage, not need a runway to take off and will potentially fly for 500 miles non-stop.

Are you as excited about the prospect of a real-life flying car as we are? Click play above to watch the Terrafugia Transition in action.

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