Film’s scariest motors!

September 30, 2011 | By | In News

Imposing old truck that keeps cutting you up? Check. Car with an engine (AND MIND) of its own? Check. Yes, the glamorous world of film has featured some pretty intimidating motors throughout the years; however which have had us quaking in our boots the most?

The HQ team have racked their brains to dig out the most ghoulish vehicles to ever grace the silver screen. Prepare to be suitably terrified!

Duel, 1971 (Steven Spielberg)

A relatively unknown (and retro) classic, that tracks the plight of a lone driver being relentlessly pursued by a crumbling, but horrifyingly fast, Peterbilt tanker truck. If the sight of those headlights in your rear view mirror doesn’t inspire terror, we don’t know what will.

Death Proof, 2007 (Quentin Tarantino)

We’re aware that there is an older version; however we’re sticking to Tarantino’s latest efforts to keep it fresh. The story of a psychopathic Hollywood stuntman who stalks young women in a supposedly ‘death proof’ car simply had to make the list. And look at the skull symbol on the bonnet! Scary.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 1968 (Ken Hughes)

A rather unorthodox choice; however in our opinion this film contains a series of rather upsetting vehicles that should never have seen the light of day. A flying car made from various pieces of junk? A carriage designed to catch children? Chilling stuff.

Cujo (1983) (Lewis Teague)

As if the Ford Pinto didn’t have enough problems, the film Cujo, also threw a rabies infested dog into the bargain. A mother and her son spend a terrifying few days stuck in a Pinto while Cujo – your friendly neighbourhood mutt – waits to tear them to pieces. Stephen King clearly has a deep rooted vendetta against cars.

Christine, 1983 (John Carpenter)

Based upon a Stephen King novel about a car with a mind of its own, Christine deeply troubled us up at Motors HQ. Firstly, Christine is hardly a suitable name for a car. Secondly, who hasn’t had ‘the fear’ when your car seems to begin spontaneously doing something you don’t remember asking it to do? This film is motoring terror incarnate.

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