Ferrari takes covers off 488 Spider

Ferrari has unveiled its latest sports car, the 488 Spider, an open-top version of the recently-released 488 GTB coupe.

Featuring a folding hard-top panel to let in the sun and musical engine note, the Spider should offer true wind-in-the-hair driving thrills, in what is now the most powerful mid-engined Ferrari V8 convertible available.

In a change from the previous 458 Aperta convertible, this latest model packs a mighty turbocharged motor, which may water down the driving thrills it offers for hardcore driving fans, but it does boast huge reserves of power.


The 488 Spider keeps going all the way to 203mph.

The 3.9-litre motor punches out a strong 661bhp at a spine-tingling 8,000rpm and fires this 1,525kg machine to 62mph in a rapid 3.0 seconds, with the 124mph mark flashing past in just 8.7 seconds. Keep the accelerator mashed and this Ferrari will blast past the kilometre mark in only 18.9 seconds, not topping out until the other side of 200mph.

Just one gearbox option is available – a seven-speed F1 dual clutch transmission’ – which transfers the power to the road through hefty 20-inch alloy wheels, with 305mm-wide rubber. Hidden behind these oversized alloy wheels are suitably large brakes, which should see it back to a safe stop from its top speed of 203mph.

With 25kg slashed from the weight of the roof mechanism, this new Ferrari should handle ever more impressively than its predecessor. Meanwhile, refinement levels are also boosted with the metal roof offering lower noise levels than fabric-topped rivals, while letting owners drop the roof to enjoy more of the dramatic engine noise.

Picture: Ferrari

Chris Lloyd


July 29, 2015

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