An off-road quad bike, a bathroom toilet and a number of male mannequins. What do all these things have in common? Well, they are all things which have been found in untaxed cars in the past year.

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) has revealed some of the weird and wonderful belongings that have been found in untaxed vehicles it’s seized.

Nearly 600 personal items have been discovered in cars, and as well as more mundane everyday items, other items found included a set of golf clubs, an expensive illustrated book of cats by Louis Wain, fishing rods and a half a sofa, amongst other objects.

When items are found in seized vehicles, they are catalogued and stored for a period of time for the owner to come forward and claim them. If no one comes forward, the items are offered for sale. All the items are also traceable back to the site where a seized car was first impounded.

One of the most common methods of taking untaxed vehicles off the DVLA is clamping – after which many charges then apply before you can get your car back.

Once a car is clamped, a £100 fee is needed to release the vehicle, as well as a £160 surety fee if a person can’t prove the car is taxed – this is refundable within 15 days of the car’s release, if you can prove a car has been taxed.

If a release fee is not paid within 24 hours, a car is then impounded where the release fee then doubles to £200. This will also then incur a storage charge of £21 each day.

DVLA’s head of enforcement Tim Burton said: “Having your car clamped is expensive and inconvenient – and as this list of items shows, you could end up losing more than just the car!

“While the vast majority of motorists do the right thing and tax their cars correctly, it is right that we take action against those that break the law and fail to tax their car.”

Ted Welford


September 7, 2018

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