Drunk man loses car at Oktoberfest

November 13, 2013 | By | In News

An Italian tourist, simply named Andreas O for identity protection reasons, parked his silver Volkswagen Golf on a side street in Munich so he could enjoy a beer or three at the city's famous Oktoberfest and subsequently lost it for five weeks.

After a long day of beer, meat and music, the factory worker forgot the name of the street he parked his car on and had no idea where he might have left it. To make matters worse, the silver VW is one of the most popular models to be sold in Germany.

Desperate to get his vehicle back, Andreas hopped on a bicycle and scoured Munich’s tram route, where he believed his car to be.

“I rode all the way along both lines looking down every side-street and found nothing,” he told Munich news website The Local.

With no luck on two-wheels, Andreas began hanging posters around the city that offered a €200 reward for anyone who spotted his lost vehicle. The police had also been informed and promised to keep an eye out for the silver vehicle while they were patrolling the city streets.

After weeks of silence, local newspaper Abendzeitung got wind of the story and decided to run its own appeal and, after five weeks of hunting, a reader spotted the car and Andreas was reunited with his precious Golf.

“I was absolutely thrilled,” he told the Abendzeitung newspaper. And when asked whether he would be returning to Oktoberfest next year, he said: “I didn't come to drink this year. I only came for the rides."

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