Driving tests turn sour

December 16, 2015 | By | In News

Not everyone passes their driving test the first time around and, sometimes, they don’t pass on the second, third or fourth attempt, either.

But, for some learner drivers, the rejection is becoming too much to bare, resulting in verbal and physical assaults again driving examiners.

In the 12 months leading up to the end of October this year, 166 verbal assaults were recorded, along with 19 attacks.

The findings were revealed after the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency released information following a Freedom of Information request.

One examiner told the DVSA he overheard a "menacing" phone call in which the learner said: "I'm going to punch him very hard in the head and knock it off'."

Meanwhile, another examiner was verbally abused after they made the authoritative decision to cancel a driving test following fears that the candidate was "high on cannabis".

According to reports, another candidate attacked an examiner at a test centre, before destroying the waiting room and ripping a fire extinguisher from the wall.

Another report described how a candidate stalled a vehicle in the middle of a junction and left the helpless examiner to return the car to the test centre.

An examiner told his bosses how a learner driver became abusive towards after failing his test: "I gave my explanation of faults to a barrage of shouting, such as 'I've been driving in Pakistan for…years' and 'You're wrong, you can't fail me for that'."

DVSA chief driving examiner Lesley Young told The Mirror: "DVSA takes attacks against driving examiners very seriously. Thankfully they are extremely rare in comparison to the 1.6 million practical tests that we conduct each year."

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