Drivers warned to prepare vehicles for winter

As the colder weather closes in, motoring experts Venson Automotive Solutions has revealed its top tips to stay safe on the roads, with help from the Department of Transport (DfT).

They advise you check your car before each journey, making sure that the tyres have plenty of tread and the rest of the car is in working order to face the cold weather.

One thing you should always check on a regular basis are your windscreen wipers. Make sure they work correctly, but also ensure that the rubber blade works well against the glass and isn’t dirty, otherwise it could smear.

Make sure your headlamps are fully functional – and not just the bulbs. You should also make sure they are clean and that scratches on the plastic don’t affect their brightness. This is not only dangerous but if serious enough can fail your MOT. A way to cure this is to contact a company to polish them for you.

The advice comes after a DfT report found road fatalities on UK roads rise year-on-year by an average of four per cent.

Operations director for Venson Automotive Solutions, Gil Kelly, said: “Whilst the DfT report says there is no singular factor that causes road accidents, there are several common influencers, such as adverse weather, which can affect driver behaviour.

“Different driving conditions present different hazards and it is important to understand how you need to adapt your driving style to counter the environment.”

Other checks to carry out include making sure your number plates are fully visible, using a good-quality de-icer and scraper, making sure you get up 10 minutes early to prepare the car, and check travel updates and that there are no weather warnings before travelling.

Kelly went on to say: “Winter driving throws all sorts of challenges at motorists, from wet, icy roads to dazzling sun and poor visibility.

“Planning ahead can make all the difference, and includes making sure the vehicle is properly maintained and regular vehicle checks are carried out.”

Aidan Rennie-Jones


November 1, 2017

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