Driver reverses over a mile along busy road!

November 14, 2013 | By | In News

A driver has been caught on closed-circuit TV reversing along the hard shoulder of a dual carriageway in China.

The befuddled motorist, it seems, found herself travelling the wrong way having missed her turning on the dual-carriageway road.

However, rather than continue to the next junction, turn around, and return the correct way, she elected to stop on the hard shoulder, put her car into reverse, and backtrack dangerously along the same side of the road.

Unbelievably, the footage shows the driver reversing around 1.2 miles before eventually arriving back at the turning she wants to take.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she isn’t even able to stick to the hard shoulder, weaving at several points into the carriageway itself.

As a result, several passing vehicles are forced to take avoiding action.

And at one point, she nearly hits the barrier at the edge of the road.

All this despite being just inches away from cars travelling at high speeds.

The driver almost certainly wasn’t aware that her actions were being monitored by CCTV operators in a remote control room.

However, there’s no word yet on whether police are investigating, or whether she will face any charges.

Such crazy manoeuvres aren’t confined to the Far East, though.

In September, French national Mahbi Mirroch reversed along a stretch of the M11 in Essex after missing his turning onto the M25.

The 33-year-old was given three points on his license and fined £60.

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