Dog travels 12 miles stuck in engine bay

March 5, 2014 | By | In News

A Jack Russell dog travelled for 12 miles stuck in the engine bay of a car, after escaping from its owner’s front garden.

The dog, called Betty Boop, managed to break free from a gap in the fence, sending owner Gary James into a panic as to its whereabouts.

Fortunately, his neighbour, Gavin Juliette, noticed a feint yelping coming from the engine bay of his Audi, but not after he’d returned from a short drive.

Lifting the bonnet, he discovered the diminutive pooch had become wedged in the engine bay, narrowly avoiding the motor’s hot and moving parts.

"I still don’t get how it survived, but I’m just glad for Gary and his family it was a happy ending."

“We just couldn’t believe what had happened and it was even harder to believe how she'd survived,” Mr James told the Daily Mail.

“It’s a good job Gavin wasn’t going to Blackpool or he’d have probably ended up with a hot dog.

“When I first saw her in there I thought she was bound to be injured or badly burned – but, apart from being covered in oil and a bit shaky, she was fine.”

Betty managed to survive unscathed by perching on a piece of plastic trim, shielding her from the dangerous components.

Mr James and his neighbour then had to painstakingly disassemble parts of the engine in order to free the stricken mutt.

The pair have been left scratching their heads as to how the dog got into the engine bay in the first place.

Mr Juliette commented: “I still don’t get how it survived, with the heat in there and the fan spinning, but I’m just glad for Gary and his family it was a happy ending,” reported the Daily Mail.

Picture: MEN Syndication

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