Dog takes revenge on car after being kicked

March 24, 2015 | By | In News

Dogs may have the title of being ‘man’s best friend’ but a number of mischievous mutts have brought this title into question after destroying several cars.

A stray dog in the Chinese city of Chonqing is the latest to turn its teeth on a car after chewing the wheel arch of a Volkswagen owned by a man who kicked it to get into his parking space.

The man had returned to his home in the city in central China to find the animal sleeping in the parking space outside his house. Impatient to park up, he got out of the car and is reported to have kicked the sleeping dog, before manoeuvring his car into position, claims one onlooker.

Understandably aggrieved with this treatment, the dog returned later with back-up, with the group of dogs proceeding to bite the wheel arch, scratch the paintwork and tear off windscreen wipers, which was all caught on camera by a stunned neighbour.

This isn’t the only example of dogs taking vengeance against cars, with one dog munching through the fibreglass wheel arch of its owner’s Aston Martin and several Serbian dogs ripping off number plates when drivers attempt to beep them out of the way.

Watch the video below to see these naughty dogs in action:


Picture: Independent

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