Dim street lights jeopardising road safety

December 23, 2013 | By | In News

A survey carried out by Japanese carmaker Suzuki and road safety charity Brake has revealed that four in 10 British motorists feel visibility on roads has been significantly reduced in the past 12 months.

Results revealed that 41 per cent of drivers have noticed a change in lighting levels and believe the roads are getting darker.

Around 750,000 street lights have been either switched off or dimmed since this time last year in response to local authority budget cuts.

Suzuki is urging drivers to stay vigilant after rising concerns that the widespread street lamp switch-off could result in the increased risk of a collision during the winter months.

Alun Perry of Suzuki said: “Night driving with less street lighting is going to be more difficult than ever.

“Poor lighting or none at all can make it very difficult for motorists to see hazards or objects clearly at night.”

In the North West of England, the dimming of street lights has been particularly noticeable with half of drivers stating they had been affected.

half of the drivers that were surveyed said they had noticed the reduction of lights.

With the poor weather conditions and darker roads, the rate of accidents is likely to increase and Katie Shepherd of Brake is warning motorists to take greater care.

“As the dark evenings draw in it is even more important that drivers keep a look out for vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists, and slow down to 20mph in communities,” she said.

With the alteration in the levels of street lighting, it is doubly important that road users make sure their cars have fully working front and rear bulbs, with one in 25 drivers admitting to driving with broken lights.

“Checking that your vehicle is properly equipped for winter, with working lights and tyres in good condition is crucial for ensuring safety and protecting other people,” continued Shepherd.

Suzuki and Brake have teamed up with former model and racing driver Jodie Kidd to promote a ‘Survive the Winter’ campaign to get drivers – and their cars – prepared for the dark winter nights.

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