Council has a wobble over road lines

February 28, 2014 | By | In News

The Four Tops sang about going loco down in Acapulco. Now we’ve got drivers going wonky in Wimborne as well as people echoing Grandmaster Melle Mel’s famous refrain: “White lines, don’t don’t do it” . . .

Dorset County Council left people baffled after painting wibbly wobbly white lines on a busy road in the market town – something it claimed was simply a duplication of what had been in place along East Borough before to reduce the speed of traffic.

In a Dorset Echo report, community carer Jennifer Carpenter said: “It’s ludicrous. That road’s a bit of a rat run anyway, particularly in the mornings, and there’s always people driving along it, so I think there’s going to be quite a lot of confusion. I can’t logically explain how this has happened.”

The news item quoted Adrian Norcombe, the construction manager at the council’s highways department, as saying the curvy lines were first put there in 2007 when a 20mph restriction was introduced and they had been replicated after recent resurfacing work, with some residents thanking the council for it due to their speed calming effects.

I can’t logically explain how this has happened.

However, people commenting on the Echo website cast doubt on this, with a Google Street View from June 2009 showing just a straight line.

And today a commenter using the name “Rustynails” said: “And as if by magic the lines this morning (Friday) have been repainted & we now have a straight line in the middle of the road. Simple wasn't it???”

The Mail Online requested figures from the council to back up its safety claim but did not get any by the time it published its report about the lines.

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