Clarkson issues race-row apology

May 2, 2014 | By | In News

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has issued a video statement after being embroiled in a race-row over his apparent use of the ‘n’ word on camera.

The Mirror newspaper accused the veteran broadcaster of using the racial slur while reciting the “eeny, meeny, miney, mo” rhyme in a piece for Top Gear in 2012.

In the segment, which was never broadcast, Clarkson can be heard mumbling the section of the rhyme containing the offensive word, though if listened to carefully (and only after a number of times to our ears), the word can vaguely be made out.

Clarkson was quick to distance himself from the use of such language, tweeting:

His Top Gear co-presenter James May also came to his defence, albeit in a rather back-handed way:

Such has been the furore over the alleged utterance – which has led to calls for the BBC to dismiss one of its highest paid talents – Clarkson has since issued a video statement, clarifying the situation.

In it, he explains how he attempted to avoid using the ‘n’ word by mumbling that part of the song, and eventually replaced it altogether with the word ‘teacher’ in a separate take which made it to air.

He went on to “beg for forgiveness” after his efforts for the word not to be heard proved inadequate.

Currently, the BBC has made no indication as to Clarkson’s future with the corporation.

Is this a case of the tabloids blowing something out of all proportion, or should Clarkson face the sack from the Beeb? Have your say below.

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