Car tax costs forcing unnecessary scrappage

June 17, 2013 | By | In News

The current system of calculating vehicle excise duty is forcing owners to scrap perfectly serviceable cars, according to vehicle valuation specialists CAP Automotive.

The rules, which were introduced in 2006, are designed to penalise high-emission cars, though the cost of getting a tax disc have become so high that tens of thousands of cars are at risk of being scrapped by owners.

Cars registered after March 2006 that emit been 226-255g/km of CO2 costs £475 to tax, while cars emitting over 255g/km cost a staggering £490 a year.

Despite the fact that older and less economical cars are generally driven less, therefore generating less pollution, CAP Automotive warns that such cars could soon become worthless, as second hand buyers are put off by excessively heavy tax costs.

This situation is only like to get worse as drivers seek to save money in every aspect of motoring, with sales of efficient superminis dominating the UK sales charts.

CAP has suggested that the most heavily taxed CO2 emissions brackets should be lowered after a car turns a certain age – the point at which they become less desirable as daily drivers – to save perfectly roadworthy vehicles from being scrapped simply because they cost too much to tax.

Do you drive a car that is penalised by heavy road tax? Are you considering scrapping it because its value has dropped too low to be worth selling? Have your say in the comments section below.

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