Car finance firms use ‘kill switches’ to immobilise cars

Car finance firms can have ‘kill switches’ fitted to vehicles to ensure customers keep up with their payments.

These GPS devices can immobilise a car if the customer is not paying their bills, and are often offered to those who have a poor credit rating.

The devices, or ‘kill switches’, are installed behind the dashboard of cars and are kept in check by customers entering a code they receive once they’ve made a monthly payment.

If the customer does not make a particular payment then the finance firm won’t send them a code and the car cannot be started.

According to Auto Express, the Finance and Leasing Association said immobilisers were “used by a minority of the industry in very limited circumstances.

“A customer must always be made aware that their vehicle has been fitted with one of these devices – and the circumstances in which it could be used must comply with FCA [Financial Conduct Authority] regulations.”

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James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at

July 18, 2017

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