If you’re caught speeding in 2011, there’s a greater chance than before that you’ll be offered a speed awareness course instead of a fine and points on your licence.

According to the Daily Mail, new guidelines mean that many more drivers will be offered the courses. Provided you do not exceed the speed limit by 10% + 9mph, you’ll get the choice. That’ll mean you could record up to 42mph in a 30mph zone and retain a clean licence.

But – and here’s the catch – the fee for the courses paid by drivers would soar to £100. The plan, which is backed by 20 of the country’s police forces, would be to use the extra money raised to restore funding for speed cameras that’s been cut by the Coalition government as part of spending reductions.

Speed awareness courses have been offered for some years to drivers who have clean licences and are recorded at just a few mph above the limit. Until now, the fees paid by drivers for the four-hour sessions are typically £60 – the same as the fine they’d otherwise face.

But in some areas the cost of the courses has already risen. In Dorset you’ll pay £100, while Cambridgeshire charges £87 and in Suffolk you’ll pay £82. And many more regions are expected to follow suit.

As before, the courses will be offered to drivers whose licences are without speeding points. Second offences will automatically attract points and a fine.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said he thought motorists would back the proposals. ‘I think motorists will support it because they still have the choice of points and a £60 fine.’

Stephen Jury


December 29, 2010

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