BMW will offer wireless charging pad from 2018

BMW says it is close to rolling out a wireless pad that will charge the company’s electric models.

In an era where electric cars are becoming increasingly important, BMW has devised a system to make charging a lot easier and also much more manageable from home.

The charging pad is designed so that owners can simply drive their cars over the top, using 360-degree cameras to accurately place the car, and leave them to charge. It works in a similar way to the wireless charging of mobile phones.

BMW also states that the 9.4kWh battery used within the 530e would take just 3.5 hours to fully charge, very close to the time it would take using a cable charger.

BMW isn’t the only manufacturer to have been working on such a venture, however. Renault has also been looking into wireless charging systems and is said to be testing them globally.

The French automaker’s chargers differ slightly in terms of them being embedded into the tarmac itself.

Another form of the charger is also being tested in Germany and uses overhead charging, a bit like that on the Dodgems.

The BMW charger will be available as an option from 2018 on the new 5-Series and is designed to be placed anywhere from a driveway to a garage floor. Although prices haven’t been released BMW Blog reports that prices could be from $900, or around £669.

Aidan Rennie-Jones


September 26, 2017

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