BMW sells three millionth Mini

September 10, 2014 | By | In News

The modern Mini has grown dramatically in size compared to the classic model, but so have its sales, with three million BMW Minis having rolled off the production line over the last 13 years.

No fewer than 560,000 models have been sold in the UK since 2001 with a total of two million British-built Minis finding homes abroad and earning BMW nearly £30 billion. With new Mini sales passing the three million mark BMW’s retro creation is rapidly closing in on the classic Mini’s lifetime sales of five million units.

Take into account the cars’ lifespans and the new model is far ahead of the iconic original model in terms of annual sales, with nearly twice as many BMW Minis being sold per year than classic Minis. Around 230,000 new Minis have been sold every year compared to an average of 122,000 for the old car.

Exports of British-built Minis has raised a whopping £30 billion since 2001.

Part of the new Mini's success is down to the number of countries it is sold in; the car is available in no fewer than 110 countries across every continent. Surprisingly, the biggest market for the diminutive machine is the USA, followed by the UK, Germany, China and France. Buyers everywhere from Uruguay to Turkey to Taiwan can now by their own bit of British pastiche.

Showing the transition from old to new, the three millionth car to leave the production line is a five-door model – one of seven Mini variants now available – and a format that was never available to classic Mini buyers. Thanks to the huge array of modern Minis in showrooms, it shouldn’t be long until the brand passes the five million sales mark and consigns its predecessor to the sales history book.

                Picture: Mini

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