Black box recorders to spy on every driver

November 5, 2009 | By | In News

EU plans would put a £500 aircraft-style black box inside cars – to watch how we drive.  

The European Union is drawing up plans to install aircraft-style ‘black box’ recorders in all cars, to help police identify who is responsible in crashes. A three-year, £2.4m study recommends that such devices should be fitted into all cars – by law. The £500 boxes would fit behind the dash or under the floor. The boxes would record 20 types of vehicle data, including speed, the car’s recent movements and whether the driver braked or indicated. Police and insurance firms could use the information to decide who was to blame for a crash. It could even be used as evidence in court.

The EU study suggested that cars equipped with the boxes were less likely to crash. Drivers were 10% less at risk of dying in an accident, while repair bills were 25% cheaper. However, the EU will leave it up to member states to introduce laws to make the boxes compulsory. And the Department for Transport here said the technology raised ‘serious privacy and legal issues’ and said it had no plans for the devices.

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