Audi showcases its new e-tron SUV by striking it with an electrical storm

You have an all-new electric SUV to try and publicise, so what on earth do you do with it?

You could go along the lines of showing how far it can go on one charge, show how fast it is in a drag race, or show off some of its autonomous features.

Or you could do what Audi has done with its new e-tron SUV, and strike it with lightning.

Audi subjected its Tesla-rivalling e-tron to a simulated electrical storm in a high voltage test chamber at technology firm Siemens’ Berlin switchgear plant. The e-tron will be the firm’s first fully electric car, following on from plug-in hybrid versions of the A3 and Q7 that have been on sale for several years now.

The stunt was done to showcase the power and rapid charging of the German manufacturer’s e-tron.

E-tron is said to be one of the first cars that can be charged using rapid 150kW chargers, and can be charged using these in 30 minutes. On a full charge the e-tron is capable of covering just under 250 miles.

While only 200 of these high-power charging stations will be fitted across Europe by the end of 2018, by 2020 there are expected to be 400, spaced out across 75 mile stretches of European motorways.

The brand said: “The association with the speed and power of lightning is also apt as a means of highlighting the significant progress Audi has made in the pursuit of ultra-fast charging for its growing range of electric vehicles.”

The e-tron is available to order now via the firm’s website, with a deposit of £1,000 securing a place on the waiting list.

Ted Welford


April 24, 2018

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