Angry employee crushes boss’s car

January 20, 2014 | By | In News

It’s something that many workers would no doubt secretly admit to wanting to do, but one construction worker has acted out his dark desires by crushing his boss’s luxury car with an enormous digger.

Interrupting a TV interview with a site foreman, the brazen worker is filmed bumping into the white Mercedes CLK, in an attempt to run it over with heavy plant equipment.

Sliding on the icy ground, the stricken Mercedes is punted backwards a number of yards, before the worker loses patience and sends the digger’s huge scoop down on the car’s roof, crushing it like an empty packet of crisps.

Suitably squashed, the disgruntled worker is then able to reverse his whole machine over the poor car, leaving it unrecognisable, with a solitary indicator bulb blinking pathetically away.

It is unclear what caused the man to go on a rampage with his digger, but we’re sure there are plenty of workers around the UK quietly muttering “well done that man” under their breaths.

If you liked the look of that CLK – obviously before its run-in with the digger – you can search for your own one here.

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