Adrian Newey crashes Lamborghini race car

June 4, 2013 | By | In News

Adrian Newey is Formula 1 royalty. His knowledge of the black art of aerodynamics has led to the creation of countless championship winning cars. This has been most recently been witnessed at Red Bull Racing, where in his role as Chief Technical Officer, he has been the driving force behind the team’s domination of the sport in recent years.

Away from the F1 circus, Newey likes to race cars himself. He’s competed with the big boys, too, being involved in the Le Mans 24hr, and more recently campaigning a Lamborghini Gallardo in the Super Trofeo series.

And it is from that race series that this video emerges. Warming up the tyres on his mid-engined racer, Newey gives it one too many direction changes and loses the back end of the car, eventually slamming the nose into an unforgiving barrier – ending his race before the green light had even gone out.

It’s a timely reminder that even the most talented of us have an off day, and that for some, their talents behind the scenes shine brighter than when in the spotlight.

Watch the video below:

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