90% of motorists against hard shoulder use

September 24, 2013 | By | In News

The overwhelming majority of motorists are against motorway hard shoulders being used as an extra lane during peak times, a study conducted by Carloan4U has found.

A survey of 2000 British motorists highlighted concerns over safety that drivers have with the plans, with 71 per cent of drivers believing that the lack of an emergency lane would make motorway driving more dangerous.

Moreover, despite the Government wanting to use the lanes to ease congestion and reduce delays, 84 per cent of motorists don’t think the additional lane would improve journey times at all.

Nearly half of driver surveyed said that they’d be put off using motorways if there wasn’t a dedicated hard shoulder. However only a small proportion of drivers would be prepared to drive longer distances to avoid them.

Ryan Dignan, director of Carloan4U, said: “All motorists share a common frustration on the motorways when it comes to congestion, but from our research it’s clear that a majority of people don’t feel that abolishing the hard shoulder is the answer.

“Road safety is such a serious issue and the main concern is that so many motorists believe that these plans by the Government would be unsafe and that almost half would be put off from using the motorways in the future if these plans come into effect.

“I think the plans for all-lane running on motorways have already received a mixed reception from a number of authorities and gauging the opinion of motorists in the UK has further revealed the safety fears associated with squeezing extra volume from our motorways.”

Do you think it is safe to use hard shoulders as extra lanes during busy periods? Would you feel comfortable using a motorway that didn’t have a safe refuge lane available? Have your say below.

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