79% of motorists want to tackle poor driving

August 22, 2013 | By | In News

British motorists want to become more proactive in reporting reckless and dangerous driving, according to a study by

A poll of drivers revealed that nearly four in five had witnessed an example of reckless driving, which they wished the police had also seen, while 65 per cent would have passed evidence of poor driving on to the authorities if they recorded it on video via a dash-mounted camera or similar device.


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Organisations such as PoliceWitness aim to make it easier for motorists to report bad driving, by allowing them to simply upload video and photographic evidence to their website, before passing it onto the police on their behalf.

It’s study showed that three-quarters of drivers supported assisting the police in this way, and believed it was not an infringement on an individual’s human rights.

Dash-cams have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, with drivers seeking to document their journeys to provide irrefutable proof of how an accident occurred to insurers and the police.

With many such videos being passed on to the police, a number of drivers have been fined, given penalty points and even banned, without a policeman ever having witnessed their offence.

Matt Stockdale, CEO of, said: “In these austere times and with services such as the police stretched to their limits, it makes sense for the public to do their bit in helping tackle crime,” reported Fleet News.

Motoring related crime, in particular, is something that concerns most of us. As our study shows, 79% of motorists have witnessed reckless driving and have been powerless to do anything about it.

“This shouldn’t be the case, however, and that is why the use of technology by concerned motorists, such as in car video cameras, can actually make a difference.

“And with more awareness, this might make people think twice about driving recklessly, which will make our roads safer.”

Do you think recording your journey is a good idea? Would you report a reckless driver to the police when out on the road? Have your say below.

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