20% of cars to talk to each other by 2019

June 11, 2015 | By | In News

Around a fifth of cars on the road will communicate with each other in just a few years, researchers predict, as connected cars start to gain traction. New technology will mean that machines will communicate with each other to boost safety and as smart cities monitor vehicles in an attempt to ensure smooth movement of traffic.

A new study carried out by market research specialists Juniper Research has calculated that around 20 per cent of all cars on the road by the end of the decade will be plumbed into a central computer system, broadcasting their position and possibly even ‘talking’ to other vehicles, reports the Press Association.


One in five cars could be a connected car by 2019

Researchers found that America, India and China are all paving the way in connected car technology, which has been aided by the rapid rise of smartphones across the world. Helping to encourage the development of sophisticated connected vehicles is the desire from governments and business to help reduce the number and extent of traffic jams.

Congestion already costs British businesses billions every year and has a similar impact across the world. As the number of vehicles on the road increases rapidly, investment in this type of technology by governments and industry could be justified by potential nationwide savings.

As a result, the move to connected cars is likely to be spearheaded by company fleets and business drivers, with private users steadily adopting these high-tech vehicles as more and more cities move towards being ‘smart cities’, which are laced with technology to make sure that urban infrastructures run as smoothly as possible.

Picture: Volvo

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