140mph footballer pleads exceptional hardship

September 23, 2014 | By | In News

Carlo Nash isn’t the first footballer to be caught speeding, but having been caught driving at 140mph, he must be one of the fastest to be stopped by police.

Despite driving at twice the speed limit on a Norfolk dual carriageway, the ex-Manchester City player will plead “exceptional hardship”, a court has heard, in an attempt to dodge a driving ban, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The former Birmingham City goalkeeper already has six points on his licence and could face an automatic six-month driving ban when sentenced. The recently retired player has been caught speeding twice within the last three years along with two offences this year.

At 140mph we have major concerns on the bench. Please make it clear if your client is not here the case will proceed in his absence.

Nash was flashed by a speed camera back in January while driving a Mercedes-Benz at 88mph in a 70mph zone on the A11 in Norfolk. Just 16 days later, while playing for Norwich City, the ex-goalie was clocked driving at 140mph, according to officers’ estimates, while driving a different Mercedes.

The 41-year-old Premier League veteran was due to be sentenced yesterday at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, though the case has been adjourned, due to Nash’s lawyer stating that he would claim that a ban would cause exceptional hardship to the footballer.

Magistrates have raised “major concerns” over the extremely high speed that Nash was clocked at and warned him that he must attend the hearing, which is set for October 1.

William Kempton, chairman of the bench, stated: “At 140mph we have major concerns on the bench.

“Please make it clear if your client is not here the case will proceed in his absence.”

Picture: Brendan Howard

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