£1000s overpaid in parking charges

March 31, 2014 | By | In News

Motorists in Exeter are over-paying for parking by hundreds of pounds each week due to parking meters not giving change.

One county councillor believes that the outdated machines, which are run directly by Exeter Council, could be fleecing drivers out of over £300,000 annually, based on similar figures released by Cornwall County Council regarding overpayment of parking charges.

An investigation by the Exeter Express and Echo suggested that in one borough alone, drivers were feeding machines with an additional £200 each week.

In Cornwall, motorists overpaid for parking by a staggering £300,000

Councillor Percy Prowse said: “Cornwall does not take as much in parking charges as we do, so money raised through over-payment is likely to be higher in Devon. It is almost as if the system is designed to do this.

“We bought machines that don’t give change and then parking charges are such odd amounts – £1.80, for example, so it is likely that drivers will just put in a £2 coin because they don’t have the right change.”

He promised to raise the issue at the next meeting of the Exeter highways committee in April.

A spokesman for Exeter County Council, told the Express and Echo: “Our systems do not report overpayment, and any calculation is a manual exercise which would not be practical to carry out for the whole county.”

Do you have issues with parking machines not giving change? Are councils doing it on purpose? Have your say below.

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