A re-birth for the famous DeLorean is on the horizon, as DeLeorean Motor Company get to showcase their updated DMC-12 car.

While the car’s statement looks remain, the mechanics of the DMC-12 have undergone a well-needed refresh.

Built using spare parts that the company still owns, around 300 all-new DeLoreans will be created.

On top of this, certain elements of the car will be upgraded. The steel chassis, which was originally treated to an epoxy coating, will now be replaced with a fully electro-coated one for the very best corrosion protection and strength.

Alongside this, larger diameter wheels are being fitted to house a bigger, uprated braking system. This means that the DeLorean will stop just like it was always meant to.

However, one of the biggest changes comes to the car’s powerplant. The DeLorean’s new engine is rumoured to be a naturally-aspirated V6, which will produce between 300 and 400bhp. This figure is nearly double that of the original car.

Only 9,000 DMC 12s were ever built in the company’s short lifespan during the early 1980s. Its gullwing doors and untreated stainless steel body meant that it stood out immediately – and was of course made all the more recognisable thanks to the Back to the Future movies.

In 1995, The DeLorean Motor Company was created, with the intention of assembling new cars from existing stock. When a low-volume manufacturing bill was passed earlier in the year, the company was finally able to start building 1982-spec cars again.

Stephen Wynne, the owner of the company, has stated that the car will cost around $100,000, though engine choices will affect this.