A new camera motoring system for future Aston Martin models has been revealed.

The manufacturer has partnered with Gentex, an automotive supply company, to develop the new piece of tech.

The rear-view camera system won’t replace conventional mirrors, however a hybrid setup setup is possible, with cameras used alongside the standard mirrors.

While Gentex is responsible for integrating the software, cameras and mirror-integrated display, the company worked with Lumatech to engineer the exterior mirrors.

Featuring a Full Display Mirror, it can act as a standard auto-dimming rear-view mirror or an LCD screen. The system also, thanks to the use of flat or curved glass, is able to meet field-of-view regulations set by differed government agencies throughout the world.

Simon Sproule, Aston Martin chief marketing officer, said: “The goal of this development program with Gentex is to ultimately implement a unique CMS solution that enriches the Aston Martin driving experience for our customers around the world.”

The camera tech will be showcased at CES in Las Vegas – an event beginning next week on January 7 – and will feature on the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, which is currently the firm’s flagship GT car.

Sproule added: “As a global luxury brand, our vehicles combine benchmark beauty and quality with performance and driver-assistance features that evoke a sensory response.”

In addition, Gentex recently started shipping its Full Display Mirror for use in the DBS GT Zagato – a £6 million ultra-exclusive model Aston revealed earlier this year.