Forget Star Wars spaceships or ‘The Simpsons’ house; Lego has released what could be its coolest kit ever: the classic Mini Cooper.

That’s right, the Danish toy giant has seen fit to create a faithful representation of the iconic British model out of its famous plastic bricks, and has managed to squeeze in a surprising amount of the car’s features.

Lift the bonnet and you’ll find an in-line four-cylinder motor, complete with carburettors, and at the rear there’s a charming picnic box stuffed into the boot.

The Lego Mini Cooper set comes with a recommended retail price of £74.99

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there, however. Take that picnic box out, lift up the boot floor and you’ll find the car’s spare wheel.

The cabin is also faithfully recreated, with a wood trimmed dashboard and beige seats with a chequered pattern. The proportions for the controls are slightly off, though…

Fittingly, the model is finished in British Racing Green, and sports go-faster stripes on the bonnet.

If you’re concerned that you’re too old for Lego, we’d like to point out that the kit is aimed at an all-encompassing 16+ age range, so there’s no need to feel guilty about re-living your childhood pastimes.

The Mini Cooper Lego kit is officially launched on August 1, with an RRP of £74.99.

If you’d rather buy a full sized Mini, you can search our classifieds for one here.