Hyundai has introduced a new gadget to its flagship Genesis saloon, which enables it to detect upcoming speed cameras and slow down for them accordingly.

The Korean company’s automatic braking technology works in combination with the car’s sat-nav, which is pre-loaded with locations of fixed speed cameras, and automatically applies the brakes if the driver is travelling above the prescribed speed limit.

The feature, which was unveiled at the car’s launch in Seoul, cannot currently detect mobile speed camera traps, which are frequently being used by authorities as an alternative to fixed roadside cameras. It will, however, automatically maintain a fixed speed through areas covered by average speed cameras.

The system works by audibly alerting the driver of the legal speed limit when they get within 800m of a speed camera. If the car is travelling above the speed limit another warning chime will sound, giving the driver the opportunity to slow the car themselves before the automatic breaking system kicks in.

The new tech is unlikely to go down well with road safety campaigners, who argue that speed cameras are there to promote safer driving rather than to merely inconvenience drivers by forcing them to slow down for a brief moment.

However, Hyundai argues that it will allow drivers to focus their full attention on the road ahead, particularly when travelling through unfamiliar areas where speed camera locations are not known.

While the new Genesis saloon is aimed primarily at the US and Asian markets, with its large 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine, a limited number will make it to UK showrooms later this year. It is unlikely that UK models will be fitted with the speed camera sensing technology, though buyers won’t be disappointed with the otherwise generous kit list that includes a head-up display, blind-spot detection, lane departure warning system and automatic emergency braking.

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