There’s no doubting satellite navigation has changed the way in which we drive. Where before, long journeys to previously unvisited towns would be an expedition into the unknown, punctuated by frequent map checks and a constant nagging feeling that you weren’t going the right way, now even the most far flung desinations are just a few politely spoken instructions away.

However, our reliance on these devices have caused criticism from some corners, namely road safety campaigners who argue that they are a distraction to drivers who are having to constantly divert their gaze from the road to a screen to make sure they are on the right path.

Sat nav manufacturer Garmin seems to have come up with a solution with its new HUD device.

Taking inspiration from high-end saloon cars, which project information onto a ‘floating’ display onto the windscreen, the new device can display navigation information onto the windscreen, or onto a built in transparent display.

The device shows turn arrows, which will explain the route through even the most complicated junctions, as well as which lane to be in and the current speed limit against the vehicle’s speed at the time.

HUD also warns of potential traffic delays and the location of speed cameras.

It works in conjunction with a smartphone running a Garmin Streetpilot or Navigon application. The smartphone takes care of audio instructions, pumping them out through the on-board speakers or streamed via Bluetooth through the car’s audio system.

The HUD device is compatible with Android and Windows 8 smartphone and is provided with a USB compatible power cable for easy charging on the move.