Fresh from unveiling its all-new PlayStation 4, which is due for release in November, Sony and Polyphony Digital had another surprise in store: a full trailer for latest installment of everyone’s favourite racing simulator, Gran Turismo 6.

Weirdly – though perhaps thankfully for the legions of current generation PlayStation owners – Sony has elected to launch the eagerly anticipated title on the PS3 rather than on its next-generation offering.

In a display of high-definition, slow-motion car titillation, the trailer is enough to get even the most casual gamer interested. Moving the game on from the slightly lacklustre previous installment, Gran Turismo 6 promises a whole host of fresh content.

Firstly: the cars. New additions include some GT racing favourites, such as the mighty Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 and BMW Z4 GT3. Keeping with the game’s obsessive coverage of all the latest road cars, expect to see a perfectly rendered copy of the Corvette Stingray, the latest muscle car to emerge from Chevrolet.

Also featured is the ground-breaking Nissan Deltawing racing car, whose radical arrowhead design will look all the more stunning in the game’s gratuitous, lens-flared close-ups.

The track count has also been increased, with realistic digitisations of actual sites, such as Willow Springs Raceway, as well as jaw-dropping original tracks created around iconic landmarks like the Matterhorn.

Click play below, but be warned: prepare to write off at least the next year of your life playing this game.