Newest Golf unveiled promises an exceptional 74.3mpg and CO2 emissions of only 99g/km.

Volkswagen has unveiled its next-generation Golf Bluemotion – an amazing eco-car which could offer up to 74.3mpg overall and a CO2 figure of just 99g/km.

The car, which will form a crucial part of the new Golf hatchback line-up that begins sale next year,is set to match the economy of the existing, and much smaller, Polo BlueMotion, which is one of the most energy efficient vehicles available.

The BlueMotion label made its debut in 2006, representing the most efficient car in all of the Volkswagen car ranges, with BlueMotions launched for the Golf Mk V, Golf Estate, Golf Plus, Jetta, Touran, Passat, Passat Estate and Sharan.

The new Golf BlueMotion concept is powered by a highly-efficient and refined 1.6-litre TDI common rail diesel engine producing105bhp.

It will be able to reach 62 mph from rest in 11.3 seconds before going on to a top speed of 117 mph.

As with all BlueMotion models the Golf BlueMotion undergssignificant changes in drivetrain and aerodynamics in order to maximise the vehicle’s efficiency. A set of low rolling resistance tyres coupled with optimised aerodynamics and revised ratios in the five speed gearbox reduces drag.

The new Golf BlueMotion is due to go on sale in the UK mid 2009.