The new DS 7 has arrived, bringing with it a dynamic new look as well as a series of electrified powertrains.

Set to arrive in the UK this September, the DS 7 has been redesigned to allow it to remain current in the hotly-contested SUV segment.

Though relatively close in design to the original DS 7, the new car now has a refreshed front-end look, with a revised light arrangement with slimmer, bolder headlights. Those LED lights at the rear have been sharpened, too, giving the whole car a more futuristic appearance.

All cars ride on 19-inch wheels as standard, too, while larger 20-inch versions can be added optionally.

Inside, there are a series of new upholstery options, while Performance Line-specification cars also feature a variety of Alcantara-clad elements. In terms of technology, there’s a new 12-inch central infotainment display alongside a secondary 12-inch screen which sits ahead of the driver and relays information such as speed back to the driver.

The DS 7 also utilises ‘active scan suspension’ that uses a camera to ‘look’ ahead and adjust the vehicle’s suspension if it detects any potholes or road imperfections in the road ahead. A night vision system is included too, with this using infrared cameras to detect cyclists, pedestrians and animals up to 100 metres away.

As well as more conventional engine setups, the DS 7 will be available with the choice of three plug-in hybrids with outputs of 222bhp, 296bhp and 355bhp. Those final two outputs come with all-wheel-drive, too, with an electric motor located on each axle. Plus, a 14.4kWh battery allows the DS 7 to run for up to 40 miles on electric power.