Top 5 motors from the Beijing auto show

April 23, 2014 | By | In New Cars
Top 5 motors from the Beijing auto show

The Beijing motor show is always jam-packed with crazy concepts, exciting new launches and downright ridiculous machines and this year was no different.

Below is our pick of some of the more intriguing pieces to be revealed but before you get too excited, we must warn you that some of it most definitely won't be hitting showrooms anytime soon.

Volkswagen Golf R 400

VW revealed their concept Golf R 400 in this year; with its drool-inducing bodywork and wider wheel arches, you can tell this is something special. Plus, the extra 100bhp (395bhp in total) and 70Nm of torque over the super potent VW Golf R places it firmly at the top of the hot hatch league in terms of all-out power. This is the ultimate upgrade to VW’s flagship hatchback.

Don't fancy waiting for the R 400? Check out some great Golf GTIs here

Bentley Hybrid

Based on a standard Mulsanne but with the addition of a plug-in hybrid system, this concept proves that green technology can increases power by up to 25 per cent, reduce emissions by 70 per cent and breeze around town for up to 50km on electricity alone. Bentley has said it will be introducing a plug-in hybrid SUV in 2017 and at least 90 per cent of Bentley cars will be available as a plug-in hybrid by 2020.

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Audi TT offroad concept

Audi has revealed a project that combines, “the visual and dynamic appeal of a coupe,” with the, “practicality and adaptability of a compact SUV”. We’re not sure what visual appeal they’re talking about but the statistics are impressive, with the German marque claiming it can achieve 148mpg. The plug-in hybrid has two electric motors and a 2.0-litre TFSI combustion engine, producing a total of 408bhp.

The Audi TT looks far better in standard coupe guise… take a look at some used examples here

Peugeot Exalt concept

Do you remember the stunning Onyx concept that was revealed at the Paris motor show two years ago? It had copper flanks and an interior made from recycled wood. This updated Exalt concept is based on the same platform yet boasts a ‘Shark Skin’ material on the exterior and a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain that kicks out an impressive 340bhp. Please put this into production Peugeot, please.

We can't offer you a Peugeot Exalt but we can point you towards the rather sleek 508 here

Mini Paceman

Just last week Mini revealed its face-lifted Countryman in New York and now we get a peek at the new Paceman. The fresh exterior design and sportier cabin makes it even more appealing, while a series of more powerful and fuel-efficient engines will surely have buyers reaching for their wallets. It’s also available in four-wheel-drive, should your children attend a school that’s atop a slippery hill.

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