When Rolls-Royce makes an announcement, the whole automotive world makes sure to listen. The latest news from the famous manufacturer is that its new coupe car will be called the Wraith.

Continuing on the spectral naming convention that began with the Phantom and continued with the Ghost, the Wraith is sure to cause quite a commotion. A coupe version of the Ghost, it’s definitely got some sporty characteristics about it, but also absolute refinement and class.

In terms of performance, the Wraith is set to be Roll-Royce’s most powerful ever, armed with a 6.6 litre V12 petrol engine that’s due to produce 600 horsepower, although this is yet to be confirmed. Whatever the official figures are, it’s sure to be immensely powerful.

Expected to be bold, dramatic, elegant and down right gorgeous in terms of design, unofficial figures show it’s 180mm shorter than the Ghost, and weighs in at 2300 kilos. The first version will make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring time, and is certain to be the star attraction.

Watch this space for more updates, but the good news is that March isn’t that long to wait to see the Spirit of Ecstasy in full flow once again. Now you’d just better start saving!

Katharine Blackburn


April 5, 2013

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