The cars of the future

March 21, 2013 | By | In New Cars

In technology you are only as good as the latest advancement in your field. Like every other industry touched by technology the motoring industry is gearing itself up for some truly amazing innovations that will make it past the drawing board.

The technological developments are in most cases focused towards improving safety, rather than improving the aesthetics of the vehicles.

The first of these and surely one of the most incredible is the idea that vehicles may someday be able to communicate with each other and objects around them on the roads. A prime situation would be a car running a red light, human’s reaction time is nowhere near quick enough to see the car race through the lights, your car however will be able to warn you of the potential collision or potentially even slam on the brakes on your behalf. This technology is called Vehicle-to-Vehicle and is currently being tested by manufacturers like Ford.

As with most things in the new world, Google has a front seat view of the action. Google engineers have already successfully tested self-driving cars in the deserts of Nevada as well as clocking up over 200,000 miles on public roads. Not only does this incredible creation recognise road signs and record images of the road, they also find alternative routes and can identify traffic lights before a human eye could ever hope to spot them. The main drive for these kinds of cars is to relieve the 100’s of hour’s commuters waste behind the wheel of the car.

Mercedes are leading the way in the matter of air bags; yes there is already every perceivable kind of airbag to protect in every kind of event. Now Mercedes are developing an airbag that deploys underneath the car that will stop a vehicle before a crash occurs. These bags will have a coating on them to help gain friction on the car to slow it down which may in turn lead to an increase in the stopping power of the car.

So they may not be quite like the Delorean or Knightrider, they will however improve the safety on our roads and even decrease the amount of hours wasted in traffic. 

It will be interesting to see what the next decade holds for the ever changing technology of vehicles.

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